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3D Train

3D Train

I would like to do a quick blog about this image.

As I look at it and study it, I realize it’s far from phenomenal. There are things that aren’t right about it.

What I do like about it is the reflection on the desk. I also like the soft shadow. I modeled it from a reference image so it’s exactly they way it is in real life. The materials could use some work if I wanted to make it more realistic but I think I like the cartooniness of it.

One thing my wife pointed out to me (because she’s amazingly talented in the area of arts and visuals) is that the desk on the far side of the train looks different from the close side. The reflection is nice but it doesn’t seem like is matches the material on the far side. I agree. The problem is that I love the reflection. I tried to make another object on the far side of the train to show that there was a reflection there as well but it took away from the image. The solemn train going on a track potentially to it’s very demise sends a message that sometimes you’re on a destructive road and you’re by yourself. OK, I totally BS’d that BUT! You can interpret it however you’d like.