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This blog will be relatively short. This is due to the fact that I’m falling asleep in my chair. As we speak! Or, more appropriately, as I write.

Some things that are on my mind are as follows (ranked from highest priority to lowest):

1. Sleep (Obviously….C’mon)
2. My wife (she’s a bombshell)
3. Food (A close third)
4. Red tupperware lid (Only because it’s been staring at me for some time)
5. Did I say…ok LAME – …
6. ATU (stands for Arrogant…T…U..Way to go imagination! Thanks)
7. Capital Punishment (Ok, now I’m just saying random words that enter my head)
8. I DID say sleep!! (I Promise, only 2 more)
9. Norma Jean (My wife’s bunny…she’s an Angora Rabbit..and yes, named after Marilyn Monroe)
10. Peter Norman (My Gecko…only because he usually gets left out)
11. This one goes to 11. (If you haven’t seen it…nvmlawlroflkkttylbyeeeeelol)


Well, I must admit, I’m finding it most difficult to keep up with this fast paced world of blogging. This class is my first actual attempt at keeping within a community online as well as blogging of any kind. It’s taking a while to warm up to it, that’s for sure.

To be honest, I’m a rather closed, introverted individual. I don’t keep in contact well with anyone and trying to get me to write you a long story by email or facebook is near impossible. I have a lot of friends on facebook these days who have just given up trying to converse with me because I just don’t reply. I get all my notifications days (or weeks) late and if I do communicate, it’s very brief. I’m not sure why I haven’t jumped on the band wagon. I mean, I enjoy keeping to myself and I guess I feel that if I wanted to hang out with someone, I’d call them up and we’d hang out. Now, I know what you’re saying…”but online communities offer so much more than speaking with your friends. It’s about finding new people to connect with and getting out in the world.” Well, be that as it may, I prefer to physically travel then spend my time writing small talk to people who I hardly know.

This blog has become somewhat negative so I’d like to turn the tables and say something positive about blogging. Okay, perhaps something positive about online communities. Yes…well, there are two communities that come to mind when I think really hard. and These are strictly 3D art (and other asorted art) sites that have online forums, places to post artowork and areas in which to write positive or constructive feedback. Yes, you meet people and share information about the given topic and I have dabbled a bit in its endless world. I have learned a lot from people in these forums and I’m glad I did. So perhaps it isn’t all bad.

I will say this though – make no mistake – I do not enjoy writing as much as you think I do. Altough I’m pretty decent and I’m able to retain an audience, it doesn’t necessarily strike my fancy in any particular way. I do love to read though.


I love all kinds of music.

Music has such emmense power to make us feel new things or help us to remember old feelings. Whether they’re good or bad. For myself, I generally associate music with good. I can only think of one situation where I would turn a song off because of the negative emotions associated with it. In short, on my 14th birthday, my best friend and I were climbing some trees in Bruce Pitt (google it). Well, the punchline is that he fell some 40 feet and a compound fracture was the result (and some broken ribs). Actually – side note – he fractured his shoulder blade and I could actually see into his back. Without getting too much more graphic, I saw things that weren’t meant to be seen by a 14 year old kid. Anyway, back on track…He was air lifted to the hospital and I basically just went home by myself. That night, I was trying to sleep (which, as you can imagine, was not going well) and I turned on the radio to get my mind off of the day’s events. Well, they were playing a lot of the same songs and for the next month or so, I remember them playing a lot of Pearl Jam (Last Kiss), Brian Adams (Cloud Number Nine), and Celine Dion (Don’t remember). Well, I now hate these songs now and everytime I hear them I have to turn them off.

Aside from that, of course, there are so many songs that I love and give me great feelings. Songs that I used to listen to when I met my wife. I mean, I could sit here for hours trying to remember them all.

Here are some styles I like (in no particular order):

Indie – Alternative
Folk – Acoustic
Classical (Piano, guitar, orchestral)

That’s just to name a few.

Another negative blog.

I am just so dissappointed in humanity. I mean, how could one race screw things up so badly?

The mere fact that these bus drivers believe that they’re better than everyone else makes me sick. The city has bent over backwards for these people and they can’t even appreciate it. Instead they demand more. When will we stop letting them walk all over us? We’ve made special roads and traffic lights for them. We’ve given them the right of way in every situation, we’ve already given them a big pay increase and now they’re asking for more!! Seriously!! There are a lot of bus dirvers who make more money than police officers. That, in itself is just wrong. These cops are risking their lives and for less than a person who drives around on a bus for a living. A person who can`t even be pleasant to you whe you get on the bus. A person who would go on strike putting the city in total jeopardy with work and school and whatever else we depend on the buses for! These theives need to be stopped.

You know what…Heck! What am I thinking – perhaps OC Transpo workers should be paid the same amount a doctor is. Maybe the CEO of a major company. Perhaps even a professional athelete. These are people who have spent their whole lives trying to make a career for themselves. These are people who are passionate about what they do and they`ve gone to great lengths to get where they are. Whether it`s been 8+ years of post secondary education, or maybe it`s spending every single day practicing something since you knew how to talk so that you could be the best you could be. Yes! I think that driving a bus falls into the same categories. It definitely warrants the same treatment. I`m surprised that we don`t have more OC Transpo workers giving speeches at business meetings or schools on how to force the city to give you more money.

Wow, ok, I believe I`ve gotten my point across… and then some.

All right, I guess I’ll do something more positive than my first blog attempt.

Well, as some of you may or may not know, I’m married.
Marriage has it’s moments. Some moments are tougher than others but generally, I’m really enjoying it. I mean, I’m out of my parents’ house and I’m living on my own. Not only that but I’m doing it all with my wife! It’s pretty fantastic.
I’ll be honest though, I never thought I’d see the day that I would get married. I was never the dating type and I’m fairly independent. I could spend hours…no, days by myself and be perfectly happy. I don’t feel like I’ve ever felt lonely. That’s not to say that I’m super popular – ’cause I’m not – I just love being by myself and I don’t need someone else to entertain me.
Now, keeping that in mind, you can see how interesting it is that I’m married – and so young, too. Well, when you find her, you find her and there’s nothing you can do but spend the rest of your life with her. That’s it.

Well, here’s my first official blog.

I’ve decided to start off on a relatively negative note. Why? I guess because I’m feeling relatively negative.

Winter is the worst time of year. I hate being cold, I hate driving in snow, I hate brushing off the car, I hate not being to go outside and just hang out, I hate always having to dress warmer…the list goes on.
I often ask myself why I’m still in one of the in this icy tundra called Ottawa. I guess I have no where else to go. One day, though, I’ll leave and never look back. I’m going somewhere warm and sunny. Acutally, it doesn’t even have to be sunny. Just not snowing…ever.

There you have it.


If you’re reading this, you obviously don’t follow instructions very well. Just to the left of this paragraph it says, “Don’t Come Here”. So, having said that, see ya!