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Well, as you can tell by the dates of postage, I haven’t been keeping up on my blogs. I believe this is my 9th and I have to do 10 more after this. What on earth am I going to talk about? Not a clue.

Here’s a quick topic: How do teachers affect what we take from our classes?

Well, as I’ve been working my through these past 2 years of college, I’ve gotten more than enough material to speak negatively regarding this subject. A teacher’s job is not only to teach and pass on important and relevant information. It’s a job that also demands finesse, creativity, good knowledge of the subject matter and overall, how to teach it. Too often do we get folks that have less than adequate stats in any of these areas and it really takes a toll on a student’s work ethic, attitude and general feeling about the class.

However, a good teacher having most if not all of these characteristics can really help you fall in love with a subject that you wouldn’t otherwise be driven to take an interest in. I think it’s super important that, especially in post-secondary education, we have teachers that care about what they’re teaching. People who aren’t just thrown into a class and not really have an understanding of the subject.

It’s very annoying – considering we pay a lot for these classes.


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