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Well, I’ve betrayed your trust.

Exactly 2 posts ago, I said that it was blog number 10. That would make this blog number 12. That isn’t exactly true as I miscounted. This is actually blog number 13. WOAH. I know, how could I do such a thing? Well, here’s a story:

One day, boy went to the local cheese shop. His mom had sent him to pick up some Gouda and gave him some change to buy it with. He arrived at the store after an adventurous walk and was perusing through the different types of cheese. He noticed that they had a sample table set up with a plethora of fromages. He tried a couple and suddenly started stuffing his face with cheese samples. When the store clerk asked of him what cheese he wanted to buy, he responded with, “mbmoguha”. The boy returned home with a cheese that was different from what his mother had sent him out for. His mother was baffled and a little disappointed. She sent him to his room for eternity.

So, if you haven’t realized already, that story was from a commercial for…I think Kraft. Well, there you have it. I lied about having an original story. You’ll notice, though, that the part of the story I made up is the last 2 sentences. It doesn’t really fit the other creative imagination.

Side note: Can your imagination be not creative? Can you have an uncreative imagination. I believe people refer to that as having no imagination.

Anyway, I’m out. 6 more to go.


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