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This blog will be relatively short. This is due to the fact that I’m falling asleep in my chair. As we speak! Or, more appropriately, as I write.

Some things that are on my mind are as follows (ranked from highest priority to lowest):

1. Sleep (Obviously….C’mon)
2. My wife (she’s a bombshell)
3. Food (A close third)
4. Red tupperware lid (Only because it’s been staring at me for some time)
5. Did I say…ok LAME – …
6. ATU (stands for Arrogant…T…U..Way to go imagination! Thanks)
7. Capital Punishment (Ok, now I’m just saying random words that enter my head)
8. I DID say sleep!! (I Promise, only 2 more)
9. Norma Jean (My wife’s bunny…she’s an Angora Rabbit..and yes, named after Marilyn Monroe)
10. Peter Norman (My Gecko…only because he usually gets left out)
11. This one goes to 11. (If you haven’t seen it…nvmlawlroflkkttylbyeeeeelol)


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