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Well, I must admit, I’m finding it most difficult to keep up with this fast paced world of blogging. This class is my first actual attempt at keeping within a community online as well as blogging of any kind. It’s taking a while to warm up to it, that’s for sure.

To be honest, I’m a rather closed, introverted individual. I don’t keep in contact well with anyone and trying to get me to write you a long story by email or facebook is near impossible. I have a lot of friends on facebook these days who have just given up trying to converse with me because I just don’t reply. I get all my notifications days (or weeks) late and if I do communicate, it’s very brief. I’m not sure why I haven’t jumped on the band wagon. I mean, I enjoy keeping to myself and I guess I feel that if I wanted to hang out with someone, I’d call them up and we’d hang out. Now, I know what you’re saying…”but online communities offer so much more than speaking with your friends. It’s about finding new people to connect with and getting out in the world.” Well, be that as it may, I prefer to physically travel then spend my time writing small talk to people who I hardly know.

This blog has become somewhat negative so I’d like to turn the tables and say something positive about blogging. Okay, perhaps something positive about online communities. Yes…well, there are two communities that come to mind when I think really hard. and These are strictly 3D art (and other asorted art) sites that have online forums, places to post artowork and areas in which to write positive or constructive feedback. Yes, you meet people and share information about the given topic and I have dabbled a bit in its endless world. I have learned a lot from people in these forums and I’m glad I did. So perhaps it isn’t all bad.

I will say this though – make no mistake – I do not enjoy writing as much as you think I do. Altough I’m pretty decent and I’m able to retain an audience, it doesn’t necessarily strike my fancy in any particular way. I do love to read though.



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