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Another negative blog.

I am just so dissappointed in humanity. I mean, how could one race screw things up so badly?

The mere fact that these bus drivers believe that they’re better than everyone else makes me sick. The city has bent over backwards for these people and they can’t even appreciate it. Instead they demand more. When will we stop letting them walk all over us? We’ve made special roads and traffic lights for them. We’ve given them the right of way in every situation, we’ve already given them a big pay increase and now they’re asking for more!! Seriously!! There are a lot of bus dirvers who make more money than police officers. That, in itself is just wrong. These cops are risking their lives and for less than a person who drives around on a bus for a living. A person who can`t even be pleasant to you whe you get on the bus. A person who would go on strike putting the city in total jeopardy with work and school and whatever else we depend on the buses for! These theives need to be stopped.

You know what…Heck! What am I thinking – perhaps OC Transpo workers should be paid the same amount a doctor is. Maybe the CEO of a major company. Perhaps even a professional athelete. These are people who have spent their whole lives trying to make a career for themselves. These are people who are passionate about what they do and they`ve gone to great lengths to get where they are. Whether it`s been 8+ years of post secondary education, or maybe it`s spending every single day practicing something since you knew how to talk so that you could be the best you could be. Yes! I think that driving a bus falls into the same categories. It definitely warrants the same treatment. I`m surprised that we don`t have more OC Transpo workers giving speeches at business meetings or schools on how to force the city to give you more money.

Wow, ok, I believe I`ve gotten my point across… and then some.


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