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I love all kinds of music.

Music has such emmense power to make us feel new things or help us to remember old feelings. Whether they’re good or bad. For myself, I generally associate music with good. I can only think of one situation where I would turn a song off because of the negative emotions associated with it. In short, on my 14th birthday, my best friend and I were climbing some trees in Bruce Pitt (google it). Well, the punchline is that he fell some 40 feet and a compound fracture was the result (and some broken ribs). Actually – side note – he fractured his shoulder blade and I could actually see into his back. Without getting too much more graphic, I saw things that weren’t meant to be seen by a 14 year old kid. Anyway, back on track…He was air lifted to the hospital and I basically just went home by myself. That night, I was trying to sleep (which, as you can imagine, was not going well) and I turned on the radio to get my mind off of the day’s events. Well, they were playing a lot of the same songs and for the next month or so, I remember them playing a lot of Pearl Jam (Last Kiss), Brian Adams (Cloud Number Nine), and Celine Dion (Don’t remember). Well, I now hate these songs now and everytime I hear them I have to turn them off.

Aside from that, of course, there are so many songs that I love and give me great feelings. Songs that I used to listen to when I met my wife. I mean, I could sit here for hours trying to remember them all.

Here are some styles I like (in no particular order):

Indie – Alternative
Folk – Acoustic
Classical (Piano, guitar, orchestral)

That’s just to name a few.


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