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this is plate


This is only a test. I repeat, this is only a test.


Well, It’s the final week of classes and we’re already at Wednesday. AND, I don’t have a class on Friday. This is due to the fact that our English class finished last week. Why? I’m not really sure. I wonder if our professor knew this…At any rate…It doesn’t really matter. He can’t take it back now. Am I right?

Starting next week, however, we have our work placement. I’m going to be working from home. Awesome! The place I’m with is outside of Ottawa and I wouldn’t be able to get there anyway.

Well, that’s it for now. See ya

Here’s a video to study:

I actually just saw this as I opened It was on the front page. It has completely changed my life. Well, maybe a bit dramatic. But, I loved it for the special effects. The story was touching as well but I can’t believe the stuff you can do with computer graphics these days. The 3D imagery was fantastic.

Anyway, that’s Blog 14!

Well, I’ve betrayed your trust.

Exactly 2 posts ago, I said that it was blog number 10. That would make this blog number 12. That isn’t exactly true as I miscounted. This is actually blog number 13. WOAH. I know, how could I do such a thing? Well, here’s a story:

One day, boy went to the local cheese shop. His mom had sent him to pick up some Gouda and gave him some change to buy it with. He arrived at the store after an adventurous walk and was perusing through the different types of cheese. He noticed that they had a sample table set up with a plethora of fromages. He tried a couple and suddenly started stuffing his face with cheese samples. When the store clerk asked of him what cheese he wanted to buy, he responded with, “mbmoguha”. The boy returned home with a cheese that was different from what his mother had sent him out for. His mother was baffled and a little disappointed. She sent him to his room for eternity.

So, if you haven’t realized already, that story was from a commercial for…I think Kraft. Well, there you have it. I lied about having an original story. You’ll notice, though, that the part of the story I made up is the last 2 sentences. It doesn’t really fit the other creative imagination.

Side note: Can your imagination be not creative? Can you have an uncreative imagination. I believe people refer to that as having no imagination.

Anyway, I’m out. 6 more to go.

This blog is about my favorite band: Thrice.

Thrice is a lesser known band that has been around for a while. They’ve put out about 8 albums and don’t have a plan to stop any time soon.

I was first introduced to them by one of my great friends, Mark. I think I was about 15 (I’m 23 now) when I first heard their stuff and I immediately feel in love with it. I loved their scream-o / punk style as that was what I was into at that time in my life. It was catchy and, as I noticed later on, their lyrics were deep, thought-provoking and intelligent.

As they put out more albums, they went went from punk music to screamo, from hardcore to a cross between indie-alternative and hardcore with swinging melodies, then finally to a style of their own. I really feel as if my life and style of music developed along side theirs.

Their latest albums are a 4 volume series called the alchemy index. The 4 volumes are fire, water, air, and earth. There are 6 songs per volume and each volume’s music an lyrical theme center around the respective element. For example, the fire album is heavy and thrashy with ‘burning’ lyrics, whereas the water album is soothing and synthy with lyrics about the sea. Air and earth follow the same ideas. You would think that this was a cheesy idea but they’ve really put a lot of effort into it and there’s a lot emotion and story to the songs. They are all very passionate about their music.

Dustin Kensrue, the lead singer and lyricist, has come out with a blue-grassy / country solo album. I’ve learned 5 out of the 8 songs on my guitar and I intend on learning the other 3. Again, the lyrics are incredible and he’s got a great ear for catchy melodies.

I really have no clue as to what this blog will be about. So, I’ll just take the -5 marks and move on to the next.


Well, as you can tell by the dates of postage, I haven’t been keeping up on my blogs. I believe this is my 9th and I have to do 10 more after this. What on earth am I going to talk about? Not a clue.

Here’s a quick topic: How do teachers affect what we take from our classes?

Well, as I’ve been working my through these past 2 years of college, I’ve gotten more than enough material to speak negatively regarding this subject. A teacher’s job is not only to teach and pass on important and relevant information. It’s a job that also demands finesse, creativity, good knowledge of the subject matter and overall, how to teach it. Too often do we get folks that have less than adequate stats in any of these areas and it really takes a toll on a student’s work ethic, attitude and general feeling about the class.

However, a good teacher having most if not all of these characteristics can really help you fall in love with a subject that you wouldn’t otherwise be driven to take an interest in. I think it’s super important that, especially in post-secondary education, we have teachers that care about what they’re teaching. People who aren’t just thrown into a class and not really have an understanding of the subject.

It’s very annoying – considering we pay a lot for these classes.

3D Train

3D Train

I would like to do a quick blog about this image.

As I look at it and study it, I realize it’s far from phenomenal. There are things that aren’t right about it.

What I do like about it is the reflection on the desk. I also like the soft shadow. I modeled it from a reference image so it’s exactly they way it is in real life. The materials could use some work if I wanted to make it more realistic but I think I like the cartooniness of it.

One thing my wife pointed out to me (because she’s amazingly talented in the area of arts and visuals) is that the desk on the far side of the train looks different from the close side. The reflection is nice but it doesn’t seem like is matches the material on the far side. I agree. The problem is that I love the reflection. I tried to make another object on the far side of the train to show that there was a reflection there as well but it took away from the image. The solemn train going on a track potentially to it’s very demise sends a message that sometimes you’re on a destructive road and you’re by yourself. OK, I totally BS’d that BUT! You can interpret it however you’d like.